P4P v2 Test Picture Always Fails

Everytime I fly a missions, test picture always fails. I hit retry and it goes through without any issue…does this happen with anyone else? I tried using my iPad and iPhone with same result.

Also, do you recommend letting DD app set camera parameters or should they be set manually from DJI app?

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I have this problem on every flight as well. The test picture always fails and then works when you hit “retry”. Anyone have an idea or fix for this. It is not detrimental to the flights as in the end it has worked every time but there is also that initial failure.

I am using the most current version of DD and am running an iPad with the current software updates.

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Same here. If you are in version 4.9 then please post there as well. Always watch out for the version threads.

We’ve also had this issue for as long as I can remember using our P4P V2 with all versions of DD on an iPad with current OS. Retry has been working, but it fails on every initial attempt.

Sadly, it isn’t just iPad. It is any iOS device. They really need to work on optimizing their app. It is definitely the largest memory hog I have used. I would love to keep using it, but unfortunately it overheats my iPad Pro and my iPhone. I don’t have issues with any other app, except this one. Other mapping apps do not have this issue. It actually gets so hot that it is almost uncomfortable to touch. Obviously, that is not good for any electronics which is the reason I can’t use it anymore. No point damaging my device when I can just use another app :slight_smile: I really wish they would fix theirs though because it has a lot of great potential.

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Updated the iOS app the other day to test it out. I did not notice any difference. Previous Issues persist. Another issue I have noticed is when the drone is transitioning from a vertical to horizontal or perimeter it flies at the mapping speed. I think the software could be optimized to fly at a higher speed during the transitions or be intelligent enough to start the next command closer to where the previous ended. I literally wasted close to 5 minutes of flying time just in transitions.

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Checking in on this because of another issue we have noticed that may be related.

When did this start happening? If you notice in DroneDeploy that in the Advanced settings at the bottom it has an option to pick which camera you are planning with. We notice that it always defaults to a Mavic 2 Pro and the numbers change when we select Phantom 4 Pro v2. We can keep an eye on both.


We just started testing DD last month. Been an issue Since day 1 for us

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Thanks for the input. I am not sure when this became an option… @Jamespipe @Andrew_Fraser Regarding the added option to choose a camera for planning. See the other thread above.

Thanks - will ask the team and see if we can reproduce.

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