Test photo failed DJI AIR 2S

Hello I am using DJI AIR 2S @Christina @Gary
Test photo failed every-time! I have the latest versions of updates on the drone and on the Mobile.I have tested with android. I have the recommend SD card. I turned off and restarted several times. The SD card is formatted.The button Enable multiple flight mode is on.

What should I do?

The last DJI firmware (version fixed it for us on two different aircraft.

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I get that error a lot. I turn my drone to face a different direction - then it seems to work. Weird, but it works.

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That’s a good clue. If you’ve noticed there is a new focus calibration before the mission start and it could be that it couldn’t lock on focus or the sun. Maybe.

I learned long ago to ignore any camera test error and fly anyway. Never has affected the quality of my photos. Using a P4P, that is.

So I see that the Air 2S is only fully supported on iOS. Can any DroneDeploy people tell me when that might be rolled out on Android? My 21 day trial is useless otherwise.

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I haven’t heard anytime soon. I am sure they will work with you. Be aware though that Air 2S support requires a plan. You might check out Dronelink. Not my favorite but it does the job. I would use planning in DroneDeploy to doublecheck the Dronelink calcs. If you input the same configurations speed, time and spacing of flight lines should be consistent. We have seen discrepancies and I trust the DD values.

Thanks Michael, I appreciate your quick response. I’ve been checking out Dronelink. I’m disappointed they don’t have any kind of trial subscription.