Mavic Pro Test Photo Fails

Summary of Issue:

Hello, I started the trial a few weeks ago, 1st 2 missions worked fine. Since then the checklist always fails on the camera saying “test photo failed” if I “fly anyway” there are no photos after the mission completes. I’m running the latest firmware on my mavic, IOS 11.2 on my Ipad and the latest version of DD from the App Store. I’ve also confirmed that my SD ram card is “type 10” as recommended. I can fly via the Go App which takes pictures and videos without any problems and records them on my SD Ram card. I’ve also confirmed that DD is the only app running in my Ipad at the time of the flight.

Date Issue Began:

Approximately 12/3/2017

Drone Model:

Mavic Pro

Mobile Device Model and OS version:

IPad Mini 4, IOS 11.2

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