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Hi everyone
I’m planning a mission for a client and he specifically said that there is no internet on his farm and no cellphone signal at all. So my question is will I be able to use DD for this project? And if not will it be able to work without internet one the full release is available?

Using Inspire 1 and the DD beta app

Thank you

We have been working on this and wanted to have it last week. The new DJI firmware release messed us up quite a bit. We are back on track now this week hopefully.


That’s great Chase… Keep up the good work, we trust you!

Hi Chase,

I’m planning on sending my Phantom to Rwanda in October for some testing. Although some of the sites might have cell access, I’d like to be able to test offline access before then. I know you’ve been working on this and I’m hoping it will be done soon?


I hope so too :smile: The goal was this or next week.

Hi Chase, any update on this? We’re getting down to the wire.


We have two people dedicated to getting this out ASAP now that we have a releasable version that works with the last few firmwares.

Being able to configure the flight plan and upload the images at home or office, and not on a cellular connection is really important to me. I intend to work in areas where cellular data is spotty and/or slow, and the extra wireless data expensive, so I a hoping you will keep us updated on the progress of this feature set. Thanks!

We are now testing these changes for release soon.

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I’m slightly excited about this @chasemgray haha But at last I got to use the online version today (found a 4g area to map here) worked brilliant mate…appreciating all your hard work you guys are putting in!

Chase, it has been a couple months since this reply, are you able to utilize the system out of network area yet?

I’m not @chasemgray (obviously) but I can confirm that the new app version does have an offline feature. I’ve created a few plans before I went out to fly and was able to use them without internet at all.