Beta Release 1.3.3 (Offline Mode V1)

Hi all,

We’ve made the fixes to 1.3.1 now listed as 1.3.3. As this was released so soon after 1.3.1, I’m also listing changes for 1.3.1 below.

We have released a version on the Play store15 that has lots of bug fixes and supports offline mode and a simple data viewer.Please let us know how your tests go with the new offline mode using this feedback thread. You need to use the desktop to plan ahead of time for offline mode but in the near future you can use the mobile planning as well.

Android 4.4 may have some issues with offline mode. Let us know during your testing as we saw different things on different phones.

Phantom 3 Pro Firmware:

Phantom 3 Advance Firmware:

Inspire 1 Firmware:


  • Fixed the weather call causing stalls in planning.
  • Added ability to plan flights offline using www.dronedeploy.com10. When planning, choose “Inspire/P3” and when finished click the “Sync” button.
  • The mobile app will sync some of your latest plans when it launches. If you are connected to wifi, it will also sync tiles automatically for some of your more recent plans, or plans created on www.dronedeploy.com10
  • Batter icon is larger!
  • We have a much more advanced automatic camera settings. We no longer fix the settings to a single shutter speed and ISO, but instead do some DroneDeploy magic to have clear consistent photos. This should help users with NIR cameras and others who were having some trouble stitching maps.
  • Turned on sidelap and frontlap settings for planning on mobile and desktop to everyone. We start with defaultls but you can adjust these if you are having trouble stitching a map. You can decrease these if you want to try to fly a larger area at the risk of a badly stitched map.
  • If you fly plans offline, whenever your phone connects back to the internet it should sync the data back to our servers. If you don’t see a flight on your dashboard you may need to open the app again to let it sync.
  • Flight logs should be uploaded more consistently.
  • Automatic upload of photos should work a bit better because we store flight times more reliably.
  • Continue mission should hopefully work more reliably due to the offline changes we’ve made to sync data back to our servers.
  • If you click the “Data Explorer” button on the sidebar you can now quickly view your latest maps made with DroneDeploy. Please provide feedback on what else you would like to see because this is just a V1 of the data viewer on mobile.
  • There is a “force sync” button on the sidebar in case you have already launched the app and need to sync with desktop after planning a desktop mission.
  • Fixed bug where users would see several instances of their drone in the sidebar.
  • Added offline caching of map tiles so it’s easy to view where you’re flying while offline. This should happen transparently to the user.
  • Added a better check whether the user if offline. This will timeout after 5 seconds so if you’re connection to DroneDeploy is very slow it will default to offline mode. In the future we will also have offline planning capabilities on mobile so it won’t matter if you’re offline or online.
  • You’re previously flown and planned missions should be immediately available to browse through using the left and right arrows on the planning screen.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the screen to go very slow or freeze up when returning home and landing.
  • Other various bug fixes

Please leave bugs and feedback in their own thread here: Beta 1.3.3 Bugs and Feedback


Hey Jono,

I have followed all the step but still i am getting syncing failed.
Please assist me asap

Hi, have you updated to the latest app version 1.4.0?

Having same problem. App version latest (1.4.0).

@fezoo what exactly is happening when you launch the app?

@chasemgray This happens when im using inspire. 9 out of 10 attempts copter reaching alt about 10m and after 10-20sec i have massage saying “mission upload faild”

@fezoo this is due to older firmware. Try a smaller mission or upgrade to 1.05.0011

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