Beta Release 1.3.1 (Offline Mode V1)

Hi all,

We have released a version on the Play store that has lots of bug fixes and supports offline mode and a simple data viewer.Please let us know how your tests go with the new offline mode using this feedback thread. You need to use the desktop to plan ahead of time for offline mode but in the near future you can use the mobile planning as well.

Android 4.4 may have some issues with offline mode. Let us know during your testing as we saw different things on different phones.


  • Added ability to plan flights offline using When planning, choose “Inspire/P3” and when finished click the “Sync” button.
  • The mobile app will sync some of your latest plans when it launches. If you are connected to wifi, it will also sync tiles automatically for some of your more recent plans, or plans created on
  • Batter icon is larger!
  • We have a much more advanced automatic camera settings. We no longer fix the settings to a single shutter speed and ISO, but instead do some DroneDeploy magic to have clear consistent photos. This should help users with NIR cameras and others who were having some trouble stitching maps.
  • Turned on sidelap and frontlap settings for planning on mobile and desktop to everyone. We start with defaultls but you can adjust these if you are having trouble stitching a map. You can decrease these if you want to try to fly a larger area at the risk of a badly stitched map.
  • If you fly plans offline, whenever your phone connects back to the internet it should sync the data back to our servers. If you don’t see a flight on your dashboard you may need to open the app again to let it sync.
  • Flight logs should be uploaded more consistently.
  • Automatic upload of photos should work a bit better because we store flight times more reliably.
  • Continue mission should hopefully work more reliably due to the offline changes we’ve made to sync data back to our servers.
  • If you click the “Data Explorer” button on the sidebar you can now quickly view your latest maps made with DroneDeploy. Please provide feedback on what else you would like to see because this is just a V1 of the data viewer on mobile.
  • There is a “force sync” button on the sidebar in case you have already launched the app and need to sync with desktop after planning a desktop mission.
  • Fixed bug where users would see several instances of their drone in the sidebar.
  • Added offline caching of map tiles so it’s easy to view where you’re flying while offline. This should happen transparently to the user.
  • Added a better check whether the user if offline. This will timeout after 5 seconds so if you’re connection to DroneDeploy is very slow it will default to offline mode. In the future we will also have offline planning capabilities on mobile so it won’t matter if you’re offline or online.
  • You’re previously flown and planned missions should be immediately available to browse through using the left and right arrows on the planning screen.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the screen to go very slow or freeze up when returning home and landing.
  • Other various bug fixes
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the version 1.3.0 is compatible with official public dji firmware 1.4.10 ?

Yes. Our app has been compatible with 1.05.0011, 1.04.0010, 1.04.005, and 1.04.006 for the past couple releases. 1.04.0010 is not a very good firmware to fly DroneDeploy with as DJI broke or added restrictions for a lot of things we use. Those are fixed in 1.05.0011. You should be ok with smaller flights and sometimes you might get a takeoff which then doesn’t start the mission and hovers.

I just flew with application firmware 1.3.0 and firmware 1.4.10 . I had to get up in the air drone then manually switch to F -mode and I started the mission . it seems that everything went the right way , I saw only an issue the photos I found in SD are overexposed , they are almost all white . Why? is a firmware problem ? solve with firmware 1.5.0 beta ? and if I pass the beta firmware 1.5 then djigo runs quietly ? thank you

Hey Andy. I’ll check your logs to see if we can figure out what happened. We added a bit more logging about the camera to help with these issues.

Chase: This may be known to you or deliberate, but it is only possible for me to create one offline plan for the Inspire 1. After saving the plan, exiting to dashboard & creating a new plan, that next mission will not calculate.

flew first offline mission a few hours ago and now uploading the images. Overall it worked GREAT guys! couple of initial app crashes, but after restarting not an issue. changed batteries and was able to carry on the mission from last waypoint perfectly.

Things i noticed -

  1. Next to the battery level, it was blank then when i returned home it displayed the time bar (i presume this is suppose to display through the actual flying but it didnt guys, that was a worry as i never knew how long was left so brought it home early on the battery levels to play it safe.
  2. It would be great to have a ‘distance’ reading
    3.Chase said about multiple syncing missions but i couldn’t find how to do this. it would only load the last one i synced on the desktop. having multiple syncs would be very good.

My specs:
Inspire 1 x3 camera
1.05 firmware as recommended by chase
Nvidia shield with latest android updated.

All in all, its still in beta but great job guys!! really made my day! :smile:

Nice :slight_smile: Is there any chance of getting better map coverage for NZ? I know it’s a nag but it’d be nicer to be able to get closer in when planning.
Still, much easier doing it in a desktop environment.

Also - I don’t see any flight plan changes when enabling precision rotation. When playing with the simcopter this feature seems to enable a cross hatch flight path - what does this do in the current release? I’d like to see what that does for accuracy when dealign with things like the DSM output. Can we get access to that maybe possibly?? and maybe the accuracy option when flight planning? Would up the radness factor.

We basically sync the last 100 plans a user has. So if you plan 10 on desktop you would have those 10’available when using the left and right arrows as long as they were in the same location as your drone.

We will take a look at this. You should be able to plan several flights.

I think this should be fixed on the version we just updated on the play store. There was a bug in camera settings.

We tried the new beta app today and could never successfully create a flight plan. On the first couple of tries it loaded up an initial area based on our location, but when you enlarged the area the grid did not enlarge with it.

After that we were perpetually stuck on the creating flight plan from current location page and it would never progress. Tried restarting app and table with no luck.

Hi Chase
sorry - still somehow stuck in the sync issue with 1.3.2. At least it lets me connect the inspire now but planning a new mission on site does not work. Redrawing the flight plan after dragging the borders fails.
(inspire1 X3, FW 105, android 4.4)

That is the exact same problem we are having

We’re looking into this today.

Using a phantom 3 Pro and created a mission on the desktop and pushed sync. Then opened app. it said syncing. Where is the synced mission. And how do I load it ?

hi @chasemgray - been out yesterday and today, had multiple issues with the ‘mission’ waypoints ticking off. rest of the tick list was ok. 3rd issue i have had with the inspire camera failing, but i have reset the gimble in dji go and that has solved that each time. But today i had to give up as it would not confirm the misison waypoints

thanks… i try tomorrow 1.33

@chasemgray updated to new version and still had the camera fail…but then looked into it and saw my dji go app was set to MANUAL camera. soon as i set it to AUTO the drone deploy check list worked straightaway. Hope that helps