Not enough memory on sd card

I was attempting to try the multiple battery mission today, and I forgot to format sd card before takoff, In the middle of the mission, presumably when the sd card ran out of memory, the DD app closed. The P3P appeared to be continuing the mission, but I try to play it safe, and restarted the DJI Go app, and flew it home and landed, when I attempted to put another battery in, it would only fly the first line on the previous mission.

So I started over completely, in the middle of the mission when the battery was at 30% I hit the home button and as I was landing the “critical battery” beeper came on, no issues from what I can see, but I have a question-

  1. If I had not hit the home button on my own, at what point would the DD app decide to fly home and land? is it a predetermined percentage, or calculated depending on the mission?

  2. I am having problems with closing the DD app, in fact, it is in my flight plan, to automatically “force close” and “clear cache” in the applications manager before I even begin, because, if I do not, it wont let me open the DD app until I do “force close” and “clear cache”.

  3. Other issue- there used to be a timer along the bottom, I no longer see it, in fact the only thing i see is the “home” button and the battery level in the DD app.

  4. Not sure if this is the correct way to do it, but I wanted to share how I completed a multiple battery mission. After hitting the home button, and landing the drone, I did not close the app. I changed to a fresh battery in the drone, and then clicked on the upper left corner menu screen, and chose “new mission”, it actually let me scroll through old missions, and i chose the one I was working on, it had finished several passes, those lines were solid green, and the passes that were not complete were “dashes”, I chose that mission by clicking the check mark, it went through the DD preflight check and finished the mission.

David from Oklahoma

Hi David,

The warning for SD card memory is 500 MB on Android. We recently upped that limit to 1GB on iOS but haven’t updated Android yet.

We let the drone determine when it should come home and we don’t currently set anything to change it.

There isn’t currently a timer at the bottom, there hasn’t been one for a long time now (6 months or so). We do plan to add this back.

That is the correct way to continue a mission.

hey when can I get access to the DD IOS app? I have been using the andorid one for a while but would like to switch to using my Ipad mini. I have filled out the beta form. Pretty please :smile:

We’re sending out the more invites this week.

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