Multiple battery mission failure - app crashed and camera not pointed down

Today I attempted to complete a multiple battery mission using:

  • the latest version of the DD iOS app (v1.4.4),
  • P3P using the latest firmware (v1.6.0040)
  • and my iPhone 6

The first battery’s flight went well until it was time to “pause” the mission in order to bring the drone home for a fresh battery. When the battery was running low I was not sure how to properly “pause” the mission. So I moved the remote controller’s flight mode switch from “F” to “P”, then pushed the return to home button so the drone would return to home autonomously. That seemed to work just fine. After landing I completely closed the DD app, turned off the drone, turned off the remote controller and swapped the drone’s battery with a fresh battery. I then turned on the remote controller, turned on the drone, then re-launched the DD app. The app connected with the drone just fine, but the “old flights” button that is supposed to appear on the right side of the app never appeared. So I completely closed and re-launched the DD app again, but still no "old flights"button on the right side of the screen. I then clicked on “New Mission” and finally the “old flights” button did appear. Using the “old flights” button I found my mission in progress (the part of the mission I flew using the 1st battery was depicted as a dotted line). The app asked me if I wanted to continue this mission and I clicked “yes”. As the drone was ascending, the DD app crashed. While I was re-launching the DD app, the drone seemed to continue with the mission, so I just let it continue with monitoring it’s progress in the DD app. The remainder of the 2nd battery’s flight seemed to go just fine. When the mission was complete, the drone returned home and just before it landed I again switched the flight mode switch from “F” to “P” so I could land it manually (my preference). After I had packed the drone up to go home, I checked the drone’s memory card to see if all the images from the mission were ok. The images from the 1st battery’s flight looked good. However, the images from the 2nd battery’s flight were not good… throughout the flight the drone’s camera was pointed straight ahead (over the horizon) instead of down at the ground. Needless to say, this multiple battery mission was a failure.

What is the properly procedure to “pause” a mission so you can return home and exchange batteries? It would be nice if the was a button “pause mission and return home” button on the DD app.

When restarting the DD app, is it possible for the app to recognize that you are mid-mission and immediately give you the option to continue your mission-in-progress? It would be nice if a little dialog box would appear and ask you “Continue Mission? or New Mission?”.

Is there some way to confirm that the DD app has pointed your drone’s camera down? It’s a shame to not know if the camera was pointed down and the drone was collecting proper images until the flight is over and it’s too late.


Sorry to hear about the second flight. We currently don’t point the gimbal down until it reaches altitude. This requires the app to be connected to the drone. We are working on the reported crashes so this doesn’t happen.
We are also adding the live video feed in the next week or two which should help determine the gimbal position.
There is a red home button whenever you are flying. This will execute the return to home command on the drone.

That’s an interesting idea about asking the user if they want to continue the last flight. Would that be only if the last flight we know about wasn’t completed? I’ll make a note of this in our feature list.

Ahh… so because I may not have been connected to the drone when it reached altitude (due to the DD app crashing during the ascent) it must not have pointed the camera down. That makes since… thanks.

Yes, I’m imagining when you launch the DD app it can somehow detect whether or not it was mid-mission when it was last shut down. If it was mid-mission when the app was last shut down, when the app is re-launced it would ask the user if he wants to 1) restart the mission where he last left off, 2) restart that mission from the beginning or 3) start a new mission.

Thanks again,

Patrick, how can you determine what your battery percentage is? I don’t have a battery meter when I use DD on my ipad with Inspire1

My version of the DD app (v1.4.4 on iOS) definitely has a battery meter graphic (including the percent value) in the lower left corner of the screen.


Thanks Patrick. I have v 1.4.4 on my iOS also but no battery meter.

Hmm… Maybe chasemgray can explain.


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