No pics during mission

Have tried for two days to fly a mission and every time I do it never takes any pics. Camera never rotates to -90 also, stays at 0.

Have rebooted phone, controller and drone to try and fix. Dronedeploy app was updated last night on phone.

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Got the following from DroneDeploy support but still have same issue. Camera never rotates to -90 or starts taking pics. Drone will fly mission pattern with no issues.

Here are some steps to resolve the problem. Normally you should use 5-7 and 8 for every flight in a new area. With a new app, 1-4 is helpful to clear out any old issues.

  1. Recycle the power on your tablet or phone the DroneDeploy app is on.
  2. Delete the DroneDeploy app.
  3. Power down your mobile device. Wait 60 seconds. Power back on.
  4. Reinstall the new app.
  5. Turn on the drone and open the DJI app to calibrate the compass.
  6. Quit the DJI app.
  7. Recycle the power on the drone and the controller.
  8. Open the DroneDeploy app and it should connect.
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