Camera will not set to nadir after take off

Hello Everyone,
I have a nagging issue I have not been able to solve. DroneDeploy app behaves well and is my go-to mapping mission app. However, recently when I launch a mapping mission, the drone sets the camera angle at about 30 degrees up from nadir; decidedly not vertical!
Everything works properly flying in manual mode. I have tried different cameras (X7, X5) and different drones, different tablets etc, it just keeps happening. I have updated firmware multiple times. As a result I cannot narrow down the source of the problem, other than to say that it is only on the DJI app that it occurs. Local DJI service centre was of no help whatsoever.
Any thoughts? Anyone else experienced the same thing?

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So DroneDeploy and DJI apps?

You say that this is happening across several different drone models?

What mobile device model, OS version and DroneDeploy version are you running?

What kind of mission are you running? There are mission types that use a 60deg camera pitch no matter what.