New here with a few questions

Im new to this software and have a few questions as im on the trail version at the moment but love it so far after i got over the fear of letting it fly my mavic for me. My first question is once a dataset is uploaded and in queued state, how long does it for the data to be analyzed and available to view?
My second question is, is the area mapped still limited to a 5 acre area when the paid version is used?
Im also curious if the height of your mapping flight above a crop produces better details and data on crop health
My last question is if the maps used to plot your mapping route are more up to date as the one available ive done my first survey on and planned my second on are around 2 years old. Thanks.

Also is the data affected by it being overcast

You should read through the FAQ documents and videos. It should answer all of these.
It usually takes about 2 - 8 hours to process depending on the map size and traffic on the servers.
You can enlarge that 5 acres by dragging the border points under free.

Thanks for responding, i actually found all of this stuff last night and read up on it for about 2 hours. And didnt know how to delete this post. The only thing i couldnt find anu info on was the updated maps