Gaps within map

Hi all,

Made my first ag map yesterday. Went quite well and half the area turned out really nicely. Unfortunately though there was a large area left out even though the photographs for that area were uploaded. The area is in the middle of the field so the photographs around it have been stitched in fine - any ideas how I can reprocess this with having to reupload?

Secondly does the algorithm work on a barley field that has turned/matured from greeb to yellow?


What altitude and overlap settings did you use? I had a corn field last week that had a huge hole in the middle due to the corn being so uniform and the stitcher not being able to find enough variation to stitch the photos. I was flying at 395ft and 80/80 overlap. The rule of thumb to fix stitching issues is to fly higher and use more overlap. I was pretty much told at those settings if the map didn’t come together it’s not going to. I’m flying a P3 Pro.

Kev I was 200ft with 70/70 so that moght be the issue. Funny the rest of the firld was fine.

I’m pretty confident if you fly higher with more overlap it will give you a better chance to fill in. The reason that the other areas did stitch has to do with the fact that there is enough different visual elements for the stitcher to see. The spots in the crop that are slightly different color or the edges where there is some change in look to the center of the field. A stitcher is looking for common features in multiple images to come to a conclusion that the photos line up then it will include it in the mosaic. If it can’t see enough difference between images it just skips past it thinking they are all the same image.