Field Map Processing Failures


I have been using Drone Deploy to map corn fields this growing season but have had marginal success at best. I am currently using a DJI Inspire 1 with X3 camera and also have a NDVI camera. I am using the free trial and I am also using Google Chrome for uploading and viewing. I have flown the drone on many 80 acre fields at a height of around 250 to 360 feet. All of my flying is done from noon to 4 pm with clear skies. I have increased and decreased the overlap too to look for an optimum processed image.

Here’s my issues:
When I get my maps back, most of the time they have a large blurry patch to them or, they have large sections of the fields missing. I have to make a new map and reprocess it a few times and then maybe I can get a complete image. Is there something I am going wrong when capturing these images that is causing this failure or is it the Drone Deploy processing?

I really like Drone Deploy and would be a Precision or Business subscriber if the processing went better, but am apprehensive to pay money if I have to reprocess fields multiple times to get a quality image regardless of cost. I look forward to seeing if anyone else is had these issues and how they are resolved.

Thank You, Cale

Have you emailed support about this? It sounds like you’re mapping later stage corn which is very homogenous. Holes in the middle can happen when it is very difficult to stitch due to all the photos looking the same.