70% of pictures NOT recognised

Good day!
Im experimenting with DD and i have had good results bfore, but in some cases DD doesnt recognise and use most of my pictures. You can see in attachemnt that mapped zone is smaller than area covered in pictures. Why is it so?
Im flying 246 ft, overlaps are 65% and 75%, speed 15 m/s
i need halp, cant figure this out by my self :frowning:
Any suggestions ?

Thank you!

Hi @Dzerelis.

The reason most of your pictures arenโ€™t being used during the stitching process is due to the relative altitude in your area of interest based on the tallest feature. I would recommend increasing your altitude to around 350-400 ft and increasing your overlap to around 75-85 on both front and sidelap.

Trees are very difficult to stitch based on their complexity. By increasing your altitude and overlap you will gain more data and increase the common tie points between overlapping images. Here is a great document on flying agriculture late in the season that touches on many of the issues you might see while trying to map trees.


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Thank you for your answer. Im going on test flight in few hours ill be posting my results ASAP.

I wonder if its possible to combine higher altitude photos with some more detailed lower altitude pictures ?

I also tried to stitch the same field with double of photos. (494 pcs on 22ha ) i did two runs over the same field but i changes flight direction so it went perpendicular to first flight. The results are exactly the same.

Altitude is key to stitching trees as Zach said. If you go up to 390 feet with 80/80 overlaps it should work.

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I have a very similar issue with moorland, the image overlap shows where they were all taken, the photos show their location in lightroom, when i import into DD i have a large area missing. DD crashed twice during the flights but restarted, did this happen to you?

Hi @StevenGourlay,

I responded to you via our private message with a couple of suggestions. Letโ€™s try these out and see if it helps.