My Phantom 3 standard says not enough GPS to fly although DJI app says 8 satellites available

Summary of Issue:
The Drone wont lift off, saying that there’s not enough GPS satellites, although DJI application says 8 satellites, good signal, and good to go GPS flight mode. It didnt happen manytimes I did surveys before. Can you please help? Thanks
Date Issue Began:
Drone Model:
Phantom 3 Standard
Mobile Device Model and OS version:
Samsung NOTE 4 Android 6.0.1

Hi @Joao_Pedro_Carreira,

Thanks for swinging by the DroneDeploy Forum. I’m sorry to hear that you are having issues flying your Phantom 3 Standard with our flight app.

Unfortunately, DroneDeploy flight app does not longer support autonomous flights for the Phantom 3 Standard. DJI does not support this type of drone with their SDK firmware updates and it has been causing a lot of issues for us to support it as well since we rely on their SDK to work. As a result, and for safety reasons, we deprecated the Phantom 3 Standard series half a year ago. That may explain why you are encountering some issues with our flight app.

We strongly recommend using one of the drones best supported by both DroneDeploy and the DJI SDK for a better mapping experience. Please review the list of supported drones here.

I hope this information is helpful. Have a wonderful day!


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i have been asking about this in bad gps on drone

before finding this.

so this information means that the P3 standard can no longer
use DD? the mappings i did 2 weeks ago were just lucky
to work?



If you open DJI Go and wait for 10 satellites will DD work? That was my understanding on how many were needed.

Hi @approxdec,

We do not officially support the Phantom 3 Standard anymore, so there is no guarantee that this model will or should work without issue with DroneDeploy even if it has worked before.


Interesting. I’ve had a Phantom 3 Standard for a while (and despite the suggestion from DroneDeploy, I am NOT going out to buy a more expensive one just to use their software).
Having battled for a day or so, I had actually got it working, just in my garden UK (yard for USA!) this afternoon. Took it up for a short autonomous flight.
Then took it to another site, and it complained about ‘not enough GPS satellites’ . . . I had 9 at the other site, which is a wide open space, and only about 1 mile from our house . . perhaps 10 is the magic number.
I don’t get the DroneDeploy reason of ‘safety’ (if that’s the reason they are trying to make it very difficult for P3 Standard owners) as all they have to do is flash a big warning message that their product is not approved to work on our drones.
In fact, when I succeeded at home, I did cut short the flight and returned under manual control, so that bit certainly works.
Very sorry if I can’t now use this really good bit of software to enhance what I do with my drone (as an interested amateur in drone and IT).
cheers, Robert

It may have showed 8 satellites and I believe it requires 7, but those all have to have a good enough signal-to-noise ratio. You might try an app like GNSS View on iOS or GPS Test on Android.

If you have Android I would also recommend Precision GPS Free. You can shoot 1m level coordinates in you ever wanted some rough GCP’s. I have been able to get RMSE’s of 50cm or less this way. Good tool when you have nothing else.