Initial Support for DJI Phantom 4

Hey guys,

We’ve been testing out the Phantom 4 for the past week or two and are very excited to start seeing some of you makes some awesome maps with the new extra long battery life.

Similar to past product releases, there are a few issues early adopters might face. One of the known issues, that DJI is working to resolve, is that the Phantom 4 firmware is not enabling it to auto-takeoff prior to executing an automated mission, which means your DroneDeploy flight may not execute correctly.

Fortunately, there’s an easy fix. Once the drone is in the air, executing a mission with our app works fine-- so all you need to do is take-off manually (just a few feet is fine), and then start your mission on the DroneDeploy app.

DJI plans to fix this issue with their next firmware upgrade (expected within the next few days), so we strongly recommend upgrading your Phantom 4 firmware the next time you fly and the issue should be resolved.

If you’re accustomed to flying a Phantom 3, you’ll note that the Phantom 4 has different controller settings. When flying the Phantom 4 with DroneDeploy, the controller should be set to P mode. To easily take over manual control at any time, just change it to the S setting.

Please include any experiences you have here or any other tips you have for others trying out DroneDeploy with the Phantom 4. We’ll be directing a lot of users here to get tips on flying with their Phantom 4.

Happy Flying!

The DroneDeploy Team

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Thanks for the heads-up. Hopefully, I’ll get my P4 in a week or so. I’ll post any squawks I may encounter.


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Impressive how fast you guys have updated the iOS app to ensure compatibility with the P4.
I’m looking forward to see more tight collaboration between DroneDeploy and DJI.

Great job!

Any update on the Android version for the Phantom 4?

Next couple of weeks.

An FYI…I just did my first DroneDeploy mission with my Phantom 4, and it went perfectly, including auto-takeoff and auto-landing. I supplemented it with a coupe of POI orbits using the DJI GO app, and I’m looking forward to seeing the results after uploading.

I’m using an iPad Air 2 with iOS 9.3 and the latest released DroneDeploy iOS app.

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I went for my first flight today with the P4 and DD App. I used the DD App the same way I use it with the P3P and it worked fine. I didn’t have to take off manually as the DD App started the motors and away it went.
The only fault I found was with the App. The App was a little off showing the location of the Drone to wards the end of the flight. I would also like to be able to see the distance of the drone when it’s flying away from me. Also a nice feature to be added to the app would be a more detailed overview before the flight, it would be nice to see total distance, height, speed etc before take off. Also please add the 45 degree camera angle.

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Took the new p4 out setup the mission. While on the ground hit execute. It took off and hovered at 4 ft but never flew mission. Running DD 1.5.4 on iOS. Am I doing something wrong or do you still have to take off then hit execute?

Updating to the latest firmware on the tx and the copter will probably solve this.

@martinhaemmerli is correct - a firmware update should resolve this.

Hi DD team
Do you have an update on the release date for Android devices?
Thank you

@martinhaemmerli New Android app will be released sometime this quarter.

Is that a serious comment? Two weeks ago, the response was that the Android update would be available “in a couple of weeks”. I’ve been patiently waiting, but should I move on to another solution?? Android still represents more than 80% of the installed user base, not sure why it isn’t getting more attention.

Hi @mgran Send a mail through to requesting Android Beta access and I’ll put you on the list to test the current version. There are a few small known issues, but they shouldn’t impact whether a mission is successful or not (more cosmetic).

I sent the request!! Thank you so much!!! :smiley:

I sent a request as well, thank you