Phantom 4 Pro

I know drone deploy app supports the Phantom 4 now, does that mean it also supports the newly released Phantom 4 Pro as well? Or not yet?

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My guess is it will work, but if not there should be an SDK update coming out soon that supports it.

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I willbe happy to try it out as soon as I get mine. I am making it my new mapper, due to the upgraded camera.

Yeah, I ordered one as well. Hope it comes soon…pretty excited to see what the 20mp camera can do.


Phantom 4 is already awesome, looking forward to the newer model.

Has there been any update to this? Has anyone tried out DD on the P4P?

Got mine yesterday… will give it a go tomorrow!

Please share the map if you’re able to create one!

I’ve tried tried on different tablets etc., it doesn’t work right now. I emailed DroneDeploy support, and they said they were still waiting on DJI to release the SDK for the P4P to be able to integrate with DroneDeploy. So it’s my understanding that the ball is in DJI’s court unfortunately.


Same Result as @gryzzlydev, where I get stuck at the controller and waypoint upload.

I registered as a DJI developer and got an email today saying the latest SDK is now available, which includes support for the P4P.

Be interested to hear how people’s experiences with them go as I’m looking at jumping into a P4P in the new year but I’m holding off till the early bugs get worked out.

Is there any progress with support for Phantom 4 Pro?

Any progress??? I’m waiting too so excited…!

We are testing this now. Due to the holidays it’s a bit slower to release but it’s working fine in our office. You should see it soon.


how long untill you think it will realeased if you dont find any problems

Right after holidays.


when would that be because im going on a trip from the 27 of deceber to the 2 of jaunary and i would really like to 3d map of the place. if i wont be released in time could i get a beta version or something thank you very much.

Unfortunately we won’t have any releases during the holidays. It will be available right after.

I’m so excited waiting for your experience @chasemgray… Actually, I have already bought a Phantom 4 Pro

Has anyone heard an update on P4P support? I’m guessing the Devs are back from vacation!? :slight_smile: