Mission Quits for No Reason

Every time I fly a mission about halfway through the mission it quits for no reason and the drone returns an flies home. I have to power cycle the drone and continue the mission to get the rest of the images. This happened every time I flew my DJI Inspire 1. So my friend tried his Phantom 4 an it did the same thing on his ipad an drone. Then today I tried a mission on my DJI Phantom 4 Pro and it did the same thing. What is going on? Why does it keep ending the mission mid flight? Battery was over 60% and only about 200 photos taken.

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It’s weird that this is happening to you consistently with different drones and ipads. Is it possible you can email support@dronedeploy.com and ask to forward to Chase? Maybe we could set up a time to walk through the steps you take to set up a flight?

I did email support and got directed to forum. Getting support seems to be a challenge with dronedeploy.

Well stick with it, it’s a great tool. I’ve only had very minor issues but the results are great when you see them. Sorry to hear about your issue. .

If you are not setting your “START” point correctly this can happen I have found out. My first couple times it happened to me and I thought the same thing. Now I just let it stay on point 1 and have not had this problem.

I never change start point. I guess I will see how it goes. Maybe its only happening when I set up the map from the ipad. I did it from computer this weekend and it worked fine. But I will try again next week again.