Cannot complete mission

I just got the drone deploy app. I tried to fly my first mission with my phantom 3 pro it will fly to the first turn correctly then the camera angles up and it just sits in one spot taking pictures of the horizon. If I make a flight that has only one leg it will fly the mission with no problems. It hasn’t worked for two legs yet I tried flying about 20 different times. Any suggestions

Today I got one mission to work completely. It was a very small area about an acre with a u shaped flight pattern. I tried another with 5 legs it flew until the last one and stopped just like the rest, drone hovers in place the camera pans up and it continues taking pictures.

Same issue here. Flew 3 missions today, all had been pre-planned and saved ready to run on the application. I used 2 different android devices but had the same error, the drone (DJI P3 pro) would fly half the mission approximately and then stop, the camera rises to the horizon and continues to take photo’s. Had to hit return to home to get it back and did not have the option to continue the mission.

Had a wasted day in the field and a disappointed client :rage:

Would appreciate an update, can’t re-book this project until I know the mission will fly correctly.

When the camera started pointing up did it also start coming home, hover in the same spot, or continue on the regular path?

It hovered in the same spot.

Mine hovers in the same spot as well. The first time it did it (on my first mission) I let it sit there until the battery was low and then brought it back in.

Any update with this issue?

Happen to me when I fly with pre-plan flight. Try replan a new plan, with drone connected. And see that changing the Flight Directions help.

Where I am flying I cannot plan a mission on the spot. I have no Internet connection. I will try doing one where I have Internet and see what happens.

Lack of response on this issue from DD is disappointing. There are other platforms which I am now trying out as a direct result of their poor customer service. Are you guys growing too fast to help your early adopters?

Sorry I just have missed the rest of this conversation.

We don’t have control over the drone once it leaves the ground. That being said, we are investigating reasons for things like what you’ve mentioned. If we find ways we can do better or work with DJI to improve their sdk we will do that and let you know.