Mission Interrupted

I keep running into this issue, maybe half a dozen times lately. P4Pro running mapping mission on iPad. The mission loads, does the full mission check, and gives the check mark to proceed with mission. The aircraft launches, goes up to altitude, takes 1-2 photos, then stops. App error states, “Mission interrupted. Please check drone control.” I’ve had this happen in suburban areas, but it’s also happened out in the middle of nowhere, so I really don’t think it’s related to interference. Ideas or thoughts? GPS satellites are usually around 10 at launch, but this P4Pro never seems to get more than about 12 maximum.


I’ve seen quite a few reports of this behavior with Mavics and I swear I have seen a Phantom mentioned but couldn’t find it with search. Have you tried turning off obstacle avoidance? I’m not recommending it has a workaround but just a troubleshooting step. There’s a few other things to try but I’m not going to mention them because we shouldn’t have to go there. If this is truly a drug employee bug it will pop up on other aircraft. Or it may just go away with the next update, lol.

You’re referring to turning it off in the mission planning settings, correct? That was my thought too. I thought i bumped into another mention of that. Thank you!


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Correct but I would turn it off in DJI as well for testing. Just to make sure that the DroneDeploy toggle is working correctly.

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