Flight app quitting during mission

I’m having a lot of trouble with the Flight app quitting during flight. App version is 4.88.1. I always restart my ipad 5 and quit all other apps before the mission. Ipad ios is 15.4.1. Phantom 4 Pro has the latest software as well. Any help would be appreciated.


I’ve had this happen to me twice lately, also with the latest software on iPad Mini 5. Kind of scary, but the P4 V2 Pro continued and finished the mission each time. DD Support wrote that flight logs indicated that communication between controller and drone had been interrupted, even though my connections showed full strength. The common condition that I could find with each flight was that I was near power lines. Power lines are hard to avoid on rural roads with few access points to fields, will try to get more distance in the future. Last year I had trouble with iPad overheating which I think I have solved by creating some ventilation space between the iPad and the mount.

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GlennGoodlett- I have a couple ideas you can investigate. 1) Are you loosing signal from the controller to the drone? If so, the app will seem as though it has stopped the mission. In reality, it’s still working and will ‘come back to life’ once a signal is reestablished between the controller and the drone. 2) This is a long shot I believe. If there is any kind of input on the sticks it will override the mission and stop the drone. I had this issue just a couple weeks ago when I put a jacket over the controller because there was a very lite mist. The jacket moved one of the sticks just a little bit and the drone just stopped mid mission. Good luck!!


The issue was fixed when the dd app was updated.