Camera Tilting and App goes off

Update version Dronedeploy did not meet any requirements as you mentioned. Today 7 missions I flew out of that only 1st mission was proper. All of a sudden App shuts down after opening it again camera keep tilting up and down. This kept on happening in rest of the missions after completing 2nd path in each mission. This happened to me in ipad with DJI phantom 4 pro. Please do solve this issue as early as possible

Did you recycle power on the drone and controller?
You might want to uninstall and reinstall the app, not just update it.
It is also helpful to turn the iPad off and back on periodically to clear out conflicts.

What do you mean by recycle power on the drone and controller?

Hi @Harsha_M.V, our logs show you are many version behind on your DroneDeploy app. You said you were up to date? When was the last time you updated? You should be on 2.0.54.

Im using another account which i use in company.

Ok, I see you had flights today with latest. We are investigating.

Did find any solution for this?