First "Real" Test, lots of bugs found

Hello all,
along with my thread in the feature request section I wanted to post about all the various bugs I have encountered after my first “real” field test and the “fixes” I found.

Here’s my background.

DJI Phantom 3 with latest firmware on all components (drone, controller, battery)
iPad (newest, model number MP1J2CL/A)
DroneDeoply (latest 2.0.47)

• Video feed freezes on launch (must land & relaunch drone)
• Drone does not take off (requires a reboot of app/controller/drone)
• Finishes right at take off (iPad cable needs to be unplugged and plugged back in)
• Map caching errors, tiles failing to load or heavily blurred (currently no way to fix other than deleting the app and reinstalling)
• On return home or when flying to the start of a line the camera should be level (so we can see if it is going to fly into anything)
• Major issues with all algorithms related to time/battery estimation

yeah the camera used to level out after a completed mission. Just noticed today its still pointing down and taking picturing upon returning to home…

The camera is not leveling automatically after missions anymore for most drones. We did this to prevent issues where we may prematurely point it up during a mission. I don’t believe we are controlling the gimbal during the mission. Are you able to point it up before landing?

Yes i can take over control and fly manually and manually rotate the camera upwards, but as soon I let go of the slider for camera tilt it autos back down. DJI M100