Mapping 1000 Acres using over 2500 images


I have a very large farm (1000 acres) to map using a DJI Phantom 4 Pro or Mavic 2 Pro (still deciding). Is there a DroneDeploy plan that will work for such a large dataset or do I need to use Pix4D? From what I can tell from the DroneDeploy website, I can only upload 1000 images per project. Is there a plan to increase this limit?


The advertised DroneDeploy limit for the Business and Enterprise plans is 3,000/project, but you might be able to get an exception through support for the Pro Plan.

When you say Pix4D are you referencing Cloud or Desktop? I believe the Cloud is “fair use”, whatever that really means, of about 2500/month. Here again I don’t think they technically have a limit for one-off scenarios.

You might also think about creating multiple maps and combing them in QGIS as a workaround. That’s probably one of the best ways to view such a large dataset anyway.


Thank you for the reply. That is helpful!


Would you recommend downsamping the GeoTiffs before adding them to QGIS? I’ve added 2 of my 4 maps that make up my 1000 acre tract at native resolution and the QGIS app tends to crawl when viewing. Thoughts?

I normally use the 4in/px unless it’s under 100ac. I find that more tiles usually runs better so I download them for that purpose. Same in CAD.