M3E enable DEWARP during mapping

it seems since the last DroneDeploy (Android) app update on the DJI smart controller for DJI Mavic 3E dewarp is set to off. I would like the DroneDeploy app to respect the setting in DJI Pilot or allow me to set it for all map missions to ON. Customers require dewarp to be on and without the ability to enable it, I can’t use the dronedeploy app with the DJI M3E. I do understand for mapping it is better to have dewarp off for M3Es but some customers require dewarp to be on.

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Like Zeitview (Dronebase)… I would just fly with Pilot 2 rather than expecting a software takeover. This was a terrible circumstance back when the Mavic 2 Pro came out and all the hassles people had with focus. Pilot 2 is still better than DD at this point.