New Releases: DJI Mavic Support, 11/16/16

Starting today, you can now begin mapping with DroneDeploy using your DJI Mavic Pro.

Here are some FAQs and answers:

Which apps are compatible?

We’re excited to announce that our iOS and Android apps fully support the Mavic.

How do I get started?

To start mapping, make sure you’re on the latest version of DJI’s firmware and on the latest version of the DroneDeploy app.

What issues might I encounter?

Keep in mind that the Mavic is still a relatively new product and some small issues are still being resolved, including the following:

  • Mavic does not automatically land when a flight is finished, but hovers a few feet off the ground. To land, just take manual control.
  • On Android, the battery reading is incorrect.
  • Some users have reported camera exposure issues.

How can I report any bugs I encounter?

If you encounter any other issues, please let us know in our active user forum so that we can work with DJI to address them as soon as possible.

DJI just announced a new Phantom 4 Professional and Inspire 2. Will DroneDeploy support those?

We’ll be working closely with DJI to support these new drones as soon as possible. Stay tuned!

Where do we get updates on the current status of compatibility? Have the bugs been worked out further?

Hi Tom,

We started this New Releases Category recently so we could get a better sense of your feedback and also update you as soon as we had news to share. I appreciate you commenting here and I see you’ve participated in some other threads. The best thing, for now, would be to search Mavic Pro in this forum and also report any bugs. We’ll also be updating this section when we have more substantial updates.

Thank you, again, for your input.

Thanks for the response.

The Mavic is not geotagging images. Is this something DJI has to correct in a firmware update?

Hi Gunford, when was the last time you had this issue? We took our Mavic out for a flight and didn’t have an issue with geotagged images. This was the 15th and DJI’s SDK was last updated on November 9th. If the problem persists, please let us know. Thank you!

Hi, since you suggest that bug reports happen in this thread as well. Just flew my first Drone Deploy mission with my Mavic. I’ve discovered several threads describing the issue and potential work arounds.

Is DP aware of this issue, and can you provide any insight into when a solution might be expected?


Hi Bas,

Sorry, just saw this thread. They’re aware of the issue and working through it right now.

If the mavic is not geotagging properly I would suspect a firmware update is required. DD cannot change anything about how the geotagging works.