M3E beacon activation when using DD app

When flying the Mavic 3E using dronedeploy (not the Pilot 2 app), can we have an option to activate the beacon in the dronedeploy app settings. Either as a flight parameter when mission planning, or when setting up the drone for takeoff.

Having the beacon on during flight will enable easier spotting of the drone to maintain VLOS, increase awareness of the drone by piloted aircraft, and maybe even assist with deterring birds (optimisitic I know).

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I agree.
I use one of the custom buttons on the M3E controller to activate the beacon but it only works while Pilot 2 is open. I routinely fly near airports. You can turn the beacon on in Pilot 2 and then force quite the app and the beacon should stay active. It’s just a pain not to have control during the DD mission.


Update: This appears to have been added, refer to website: https://help.dronedeploy.com/hc/en-us/articles/8972902386711-Mavic-3-Enterprise

FAQ “Can I turn on the beacon when flying with DD”