Mavic 3 capability with Drone Deploy

With the new Mavic 3 coming out here in the next few days I am wondering if drone deploy will be compatible and if the .SDK will allow autonomous flight. Will this take a few weeks for Drone Deploy to test and get working or are we looking at a year before this will role out, or at all? I don’t want to invest in a nice expensive drone if it’s not compatible. Is my best bet just purchasing the M2P? I don’t want to run into what a lot of people had issues with the Mavic Air 2 not being compatible but the Mavic Air is.

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The Mavic 3 will definitely be supported at some point but there is no way of knowing when. DJI has to release the SDK so that 3rd party developers can access the system. This could be 3 months and it could be a year. It will probably happen before the Air’s and Mini’s though.

Just got this email from DroneDeploy…

In case you haven’t heard the news, DJI has released the Mavic 3. The Mavic series drones have provided tremendous value to industry leaders, so we’re very excited about the newest generation.

At this time, please note that the Mavic 3 is not compatible with DroneDeploy missions. DJI has not yet released an Enterprise application that supports the Mavic 3 and has not yet made support available to third party applications. All this means that the Mavic 3 is not yet compatible with any mapping software, including DJI’s and DroneDeploy’s .

You can rest assured that we will support the Mavic 3 in the DroneDeploy Flight app once available, and we are working closely with DJI to offer preferred functionality.

In the meanwhile, if you need a recommendation for a drone, don’t hesitate to check out our list of supported drones.

Team DroneDeploy

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