Loitering at waypoint

I have had some very successful flights already, but on several occasions the Inspire has hung up at the first or second waypoint. It just hovers near the waypoint, but will not hit it and trigger the next waypoint. I’ve tried hitting it with manual, but with the audience that generally tends to materialize, I was not able to get it to move on.

We’ve mentioned this to DJI. It seems to be an issue where it can stick at waypoints, similar to what we used to see with the Phantom 2. It is a bit worse in higher winds it seems.

I haven’t had that problem but would like to know what to do if it does happen to me. Hit “return to home” button?

For a smaller map we have sometimes waited it out a minute or two to see if it happens a second time. Otherwise we just return home and try again.

For taking over manual flight (either for trying to get it to waypoint or bringing it home), which flight control setting should we choose – F / A / P ?

If it appears to be flying normally we use the return home button, but if you need manual control we switch to “P” mode. Someone mentioned that if something appears wierd with how it is flying they use “A” mode so it doesn’t use the GPS.

I had the same issue during my first 2 or 3 test flights using Ph3 and dronedeploy 1.0.4 package on a LG Nexus 5. I switched the remote to A and flew back. It was quite windy, about 10 to 13 km/h wind at 1000 m above see level. Only consideration could be that I was modifying quite a bit the control points prior to define the mapping area. I tried again today with the same config (w/o changing to much the size and shape of the mapping area) and all went fine. Ph3 does not loiter at first waypoint anymore. Same wind condition as unsuccessful attempts.