Inspire 1 Pro Hovers at 1st waypoint

Using a DJI Inspire 1 Pro with iPad air with preloaded mission due to no data connections. Mission loads and AC takes off reaches altitude with camera down. AC flies to 1st way point takes 1-2 photos and hovers. it doesn’t leave the start point until I recall it or take manual control. Is this a offline operation problem? I loaded 3 different offline missions and all three did this same thing.

Also this is the first time I have tried to use DD and it is a potential purchase for me but I cannot contact live support without a paid subscription?

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Sorry to hear you’re having this problem. Do you not see it when you are flying an online mission?

Yes, support is a paid user feature due to the volume and the resources we have at DroneDeploy. Sending a request to will get answered relatively quickly though.

@Dalton, I have the same setup with an ipad pro and have little glitches here and there, but usually a restart of the drone and/drone deploy app wotks. Make sure to do the double tap or the home button to close out the dji go and drone deploy apps prior to restarting the drone deploy app. Hope that helps!