Linear Flight Fail

iOS version 14.2 with DroneDeploy version 4.29

Linear app would not resolve from the standard lawnmower pattern to the Linear Flight pattern and stay. Interface was active and changes in the Linear section were taking affect, but as soon as I hit the checklist the flight plan went back to the lawnmower pattern. Attempted to restart everything including the app twice with no resolution. I attempted to let it start anyways just to see which plan it chose to actually fly and it did try to fly the lawnmower pattern so I stopped it an used Litchi.

Deseo hacer un relevamiento y modelado de un camino de 2.8 kilómetros de largo. Sólo tengo dos baterías, por lo tanto debo hacerlo en varios vuelos. El área que ocupa la imágen es de 172 Acres, pero sólo me importa el camino, no el área. Cual es la mejor manera para poder hacer este trabajo?. Quiero unir todo en un sólo plano y modelado. Por favor si alguien me puede ayudar.
Muchas Gracias

Hi Juan, welcome! For this kind of project you will want to use Linear Flight which is only available on the Business or Enterprise plan. If you aren’t then I would suggest purchasing Litchi for the $25 one time cost.

How wide is the area you are wanting to capture?

Hi MichaeiL, thank you for your help.
the road width is 7 meters.

how do I make the direction parallel to the road?

as the example of the second image

Thanks a lot for the reply!

You’ll need the Linear Flight Plan app from the App Market. Like I said though you might have to be on a Business or Enterprise plan. At one time it was free, but I don’t have access to a way to check it on a Pro Plan.

Just go to the 3-Bar menu and the Apps Market should be in that left navigation pane.

@jotape I just realized what is in your first image does have the centerline so it is from the linear app… I just tried it on mine and it is not working either. This happened to me the other day in the field and seems to have broken recently. @Jamespipe @Andrew_Fraser @Anjanette_Hill We need to get this fixed asap. The plan is not resolving the parallel lines even though it asks. I have 3 big road projects coming up and would prefer not to have to run everything off of Litchi if I don’t have to.

So what I am seeing is that it does not work in desktop flight planning, but does in mobile. Exception being that it reverted when I tried to fly with iOS. I have not tried to fly with Android.

Linear flight planning needs a serious overhaul and some attention. It just cost us $400 of a wasted flight. @Jamespipe @Anjanette_Hill @Andrew_Fraser

Basically the flight planning would ask to allow DroneDeploy to modify the waypoints in order to go from the lawnmower pattern to the offset parallel flight line. It would not do this. After changing the configuration of the flight slightly with the altitude it did convert to the parallel flight pattern, but when I initiated the flight it went back to the lawnmower pattern. I tried everything from rebooting all systems to uninstalling the DroneDeploy app and reinstalling and it would just not happen so I guess I will have to come back another day with a Litchi plan.

Hi @MichaelL Right you are. We have an eye on the problem and we’re currently QA-ing a fix. This has been a particularly tricky bug. We appreciate your patience and highlight on the issue.

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I flew wasted project again yesterday and what normally takes me 50 minutes of flight with DroneDeploy took 34 with Litchi with 5% more overlaps and I had terrain following which is VERY important on this project because of the amount of undulation in the terrain.

iOS 4.35 will be released this week and includes a fix for the linear flight app. We appreciate everyone’s patience!

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Flew another test of it today. Now the Linear flight app works on mobile (ios anyway) but doesn’t work on desktop. It worked a day or two ago. And yes, I’m using current everything. I hope its still being worked on. Anyone that has a job that needs this really has no other easy solution that I can tell.
So this has to be a top priority for DD.
This is my list of issues:
Not working on desktop as of 2-20-21
Buggy overall/unpredictable behavior
Altitude in BOTH boxes (normal flight plan and linear flight plan) MUST be identical otherwise flight speeds are off
Mission clock/% job done green progress circle (while in flight) uses the normal flight plan instead of the estimate calculated in Linear Flight

When it works, it seems to be the perfect tool for the job. That is why I accepted a large project after researching it. Now I’m panicked because its not stable at all.

I flew a mission yesterday and everything worked fine. The linear planning configuration took precedence and the non-linear mission altitude and advanced settings were ignored. Regardless those need to be grayed-out because the advanced settings in particular is probably not something that should be touched just in case. I can confirm that the web interface is now doing what the app was doing and persisting to show the lawnmower pattern. I will be flying some more this next week and will keep in touch.

I would purchase and start planning in Litchi asap so you are ready. It is a little more tedious, but it is flawless and will do terrain following and once you have configured the mission you are done. The is also a web interface and KML’s can be imported. I do my intense linear planning in CAD or QGIS because you can offset from a centerline and export as a KML.

Thanks for the feedback. We’re exploring ways of bringing Linear Flight into our main planning interface. We agree linear flight deserves to work really well within DroneDeploy and hope this update to the Linear Flight Plan app helps until then.

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Long overdue. Thanks for keeping it on the docket. While it is being worked on it needs to include adjustable yaw and gimbal pitch. This would allow for better 3D models and Inspections. This would put DroneDeploy’s Linear Flight app above anyone else. We can do without terrain following for now.

Never even seen Litchi before. Man I hate having to learn something new right now - all the uncertainty, testing etc. I used to do all these things manually myself until I found Dronedeploy. Don’t like having to go back to “figure it out for yourself” mode.
Just to be clear, is it still being worked on in its present use as an outside app or is this it until it becomes part of the main interface? I have about 1 week until I need to begin operations on a pipeline.

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That will be for @Jamespipe or @Andrew_Fraser. Is there some way you can share your upcoming project with me? I would be happy to create the preliminary flight plan. PM me and we can discuss.