Linear Flight Problems

Flew another test of it today. Now the Linear flight app works on mobile (ios anyway) but doesn’t work on desktop. It worked a day or two ago. And yes, I’m using current everything. I hope its still being worked on. Anyone that has a job that needs this really has no other easy solution that I can tell.
So this has to be a top priority for DD.
This is my list of issues:
Not working on desktop as of 2-20-21
Buggy overall/unpredictable behavior
Altitude in BOTH boxes (normal flight plan and linear flight plan) MUST be identical otherwise flight speeds are off
Mission clock/% job done green progress circle (while in flight) uses the normal flight plan instead of the estimate calculated in Linear Flight

When it works, it seems to be the perfect tool for the job. That is why I accepted a large project after researching it. Now I’m panicked because its not stable at all.

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