iOS App Version 4.19

Flying with v4.19 this morning and and getting flight skew of about 15° which is covered in another thread.

I am also still experiencing the flight plan blackout after a battery swap. Toggling to the map view and back fixes the issue.

Also, I just experienced a multi-battery swap that returned to the previous major waypoint instead of the precise position.

Linear Flight plan reports full plan time in the flight UI instead of the condensed time for the linear version.

Multi-battery precise point return failed again today. @Andrew_Fraser @Jamespipe

Hoping for feedback on this. I have another large project of 1600 acres to do at the end of the month and can’t afford a lot of battery swaps because of cold temps. The more battery conservation the better. Daylight is waning too.

Yeah, this is a bad deal. I’ve got a map coming up that has 4,000-5,000ft runs which would suck down a good bit of battery if I had to refly even half of it. I guess I need to go back to the trick of doing RTH right out of a corner.

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Still getting black out of the flight plan screen after a battery swap, precise point return is still not working and the alignment is still skewed.

Made the tough decision to postpone my “large” acreage missions through March. Cold weather has set in and we’re losing daylight, and battery efficiency is declining. And now this DD battery swap-waypoint problem does not help the matter. This makes it hard to accomplish a complete orthomosaic with various video and photo shots within the time frame needed.

It’s shorter projects for the time being, weather permitting.


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