Linear Mapping App

It would be a big gain in efficiency if the Linear Mapping app allowed us to start at a midpoint. As of now it starts and ends at points wherever the perimeter of the plan starts which may be far away so there is allot of battery wasted going to the first waypoint and then coming home. If you can start at a midpoint you will takeoff and land at your home point. Particularly helpful on roadway missions! In this case the roadway is just over a mile. The drone has to travel half a mile just to get to the first point and then another to get home. That’s about 3-4 minutes of wasted battery on this mission…

If you go to advanced settings in the online app it gives you the option to select the start point with the slider.

Thanks Mark. That feature will not wrap around and catch the previous points though. Using the example above, if I start at 11 it will only run 11-22.

Oh yes, I’m seeing that now. This is a Beta so hopefully they will sort this out. Normally when taking part in Beta tests, we would have a contact who we can report bugs to. Can anyone from DD chime in here? @Christina ?

True Mark. I think there is another for bugs. I don’t necessarily think this is a bug, just a feature we hadn’t thought of yet. Have you used it yet? I have been flying “linear” missions with Litchi as a standard waypoint mission, but this app is getting very close…

Let’s get this thing fixed!:smiley:

Hey @chascoadmin @markaguille This is something we have noticed and for sure would make life easier if the waypoints were able to be updated. This is a feature request I will be reaching out for so thank you for your feedback! In the meantime, download our newest version of the DD app-we have made improvements for multiple battery flights in regards to waypoints in regular map making. Thanks!

Thanks Yusuf. Feel free to contact me any time to setup a call or GotoMeeting.

Hello @chascoadmin Zach should have reached out to you in regards to this matter.

Thank you!

Thanks Yusuf! We chatted and have a game plan to move forward.

I wanted to reopen this thread to see if we could continue the pursuit of designing the linear mapping app to perform more efficiently, and by such, far superior to the standard snake flight path. The feature that this app seems to be missing is the ability to start at a specified waypoint, effectively making it one. You can see that by the illustration at the beginning of this post. My goal is to use DroneDeploy for all flight planning and remove the need to switch apps during a mission. Currently I use Litchi to perform these types of surveys.

Beyond this, once it is accomplished, I would start another request to be able to run different flight plans consecutively without having to land. I have a common scenario where I have plenty of battery remaining after the map flight and want to take standardized obliques like the new 3D mode, but also artistic shots. I can switch to Litchi, but why do that if I can generate these flight plans in drone deploy and even my artisitc shots and always in the same place.

Thanks for the ear!


@chascoadmin Thanks for the feedback! These responses are always helpful when the time comes to redesign our product/apps.

Hey @Yusuf can you make a video to demonstrate how to use this app? its quite confusing

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@DRONE1092, What’s you application? We do allot of roadways and underground utilities so I set the app to 1 line and place it to follow the ROW up and down. Same would be either side of a pipe. I’ll see if I can make a short clip.

@Yusuf, you feel me on the description?

Did you make the video?

Yes, I did it on the iPad.

It’s been a while and this is a highly beneficial improvement request for the Linear App. The ability to efficiently fly long corridors is severely limited in its current state. It’s the difference in being able to capture 1-2 mile segments vs 0.5-1 mile and saves at least 5-6 minutes of battery per segment. Which seems better to you?