Continue Mission Failure - Waypoints Changed

Drew a rather large area on the latest version DD Android app. 390ft, addl overlap on. Looked just fine. First flight went very well, could tell the wind was blowing the I1 just a little off the line. Bottom 6 lines were finished.

Went to start the second flight and the dotted lines accurately showed the area that had been flown before. Pressed the button to send the next portion of the mission to the I1, but nothing happened. Never got a check list of any kind. Button was red.

Closed out the app, got back in and the waypoints were messed up (see below). Tried a few times time get it back, but was unable to get the waypoints back at the same angle and spacing.

I have also had this happen to me when I have tried to continue a mission or work with an previously flown mission.

The waypoints adjusting is not too concerning to me. It looks like you would still get a correct map. What I am worried about is that could overwrite the flown status of the waypoints which could make it difficult or impossible for a user to fly a continue mission. If you want to go fly this I can try to fix it manually for you. Let me know.

@chasemgray Could you please try to fix manually?

If you could reply when that would be great. I’m almost done charging my last battery so I’m ready to go finish it soon

Hey Sorry I was in a meeting until now. I’m fixing right now.

From what I can see you should be able to go fly the plan now. I just adjusted the new waypoints so it should go to the right position. Sorry about the trouble, the continue mission still needs a few bug fixes to work 100% of the time.
Let me know if I can help with anything else.

@chasemgray Thanks for fixing that. I could see that it was at the correct waypoint (although still at a new angle), but additional overlap was turned off. So I just started a new mission and got as close as I could. The same thing happened on my newest mission.

Interestingly, I just figured out why I was having good luck with continue mission before, and not now. My Samsung Galaxy S5 is still on the 1.0.6 app version. I had been using that before with good luck on continue mission.

Lately I’ve been using my Nexus 7 2013 LTE with the 1.0.8