Limiting flight envelope

I am planning a mapping mission over an irregular shaped plot (rail yard). I absolutely cannot stray over the boundaries with my flight path. Given my parameters (3D structures, angle, etc.), it wants to take a short cut outside the yard limits. How do I prevent that?Flight%20Path

Some options:

  1. Plan from another start location in the fatter part of the area. From there it should be possible to come up with a plan that avoids flying outside the area.
  2. Use a other flight app that provides more control over the flight path, like Litchi. It will take longer to plan the flight but you can then retain your current takeoff location. After you fly, you can still upload the photos to DroneDeploy for processing.
  3. Take manual control after the last photo is taken. Then fly your drone within the area back to your takeoff location.


You can use the linear flight path and just wrap it back and fourth, a little trickier due to shape.

You can break it up into multiple missions.

You might be able to rotate the flight path in the Advance settings

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I think the linear or changing the direction of your flight path would be worth a look. If you rotate and watch the separation line between the 0 and 90 direction you should be able to get it pretty darn close to virtually no distance between direction A and direction B.

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