Help needed with the app!

So I have a job request and the client is wanting me to fly 90m around the perimeter of the property after I do full mapping at 50m. Is this possible to do in DroneDeploy? I havent found a way to do it. Curious if anyone here knows a way to only fly the outline of the property. Here is the request…

“The mapping images of the full site will be taken at 50m. After you have completed the first pass, please fly around the perimeter of the blue subject property outline taking mapping images at 90m.”

Is there a way to do this?

Hi @lawless116,

Hope you are doing well and thanks for opening a discussion in our Forum. To answer your question, at this time, we do not have a way to only perform a perimeter mission. However, you could use the same flight plan and run it twice with different altitudes, one at 50m and another one at 90m, using our 3D Mode feature to capture the nadir and perimeters images. From there, you can upload to the 50m nadir and the 90m perimeter images.

I hope this workaround is helpful for you. Have a wonderful day!


You can do this as Andrea said with a second flight plan at 90 m. Just activate 3D mode and adjust your Starting Waypoint slider to start at the perimeter waypoint. This will skip the overhead grid and just do the perimeter oblique images. It is primarily designed for smaller areas and flies slow taking a lot of pictures.