Keep drone within the boundary of the survey

When I plan my map by setting the boundaries of the area to be surveyed, the flight path lines usually take the drone outside of my survey area to get between waypoints (if the survey area is an irregular shape). I would like to be able to use the perimeter line of my survey as a boundary so the drone has to stay within the survey lines to get between waypoints.


Change you rotation. Otherwise the program is going to have to redefine the entire route and will not be as efficient as the slightly rotated plan you create. For now.

I second this option, even if the drone has to follow the boundaries to get to the point it was trying to access, there are many odd shapes (Such as above) that we can’t be flying over (This is usually the reason for the odd shape in the first place). Efficiency is never a concern (for me) in these situations. I had a situation today that no matter which way I rotated the plan, I was flying outside the boundaries at some point.

Can you please add a button to the advanced menu to enable Constrain Flight To Boundaries?

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