Flight boundary issues

I have had a look at previous posts which came to no solution. I’m hoping something has been done since then to help…

We are using drone deploy to map areas for surveying purposes. Often these flights are within built up areas and we must fly within our boundaries. Frequently the drone deploy app is straight lining corners in the flight path and cutting across neighbours land.

Is there any way around this except for breaking the mission into seperate flights?


Hi @scott.t,

Thanks for swinging by our Forum with your question! We’re glad to hear you’ve perused other posts for the answer.

You should be able to adjust the flight boundaries by dragging the points and defining the plan geometry. However, if this is not sufficient, we do recommend splitting the mission into separate flights to achieve the best results and ensure that you are within the flight boundaries. Sorry for the inconvenience!


You also might change the direction of the flight to not fly over unbounded areas.

Thanks for the replies.

Stephanie - If we adjust the boundary then we wont be capturing the full extent of the site. Splitting the flight up might be our only way forward.

Gary - We usually like to fly 2 missions, one 90deg different to the other, to make sure we get as good a result as possible. So sometimes changing the angle isnt an option.