Linear Flight Planning unclear

Hey all. I’m asked to inspect a small river (3 kms), for which the linear flight planning tool would be very good. I don’t understand how it works though. I only need to back and forth once (so the drone basically returns to where it started) So, when I adjust the “paths on each side” slider to “2”, nothing happens. When I slide it further, to “3”, I do see 3 lanes. Am I missing something?

I think for what you are trying to do you should set it to 1. You still have to use the polygon and the lines cannot cross each other so your flight forward and back will have a little separation between them. When you switch to linear the start point is normally the easternmost point.

The first thing you want to do is grab the midpoint counter-clockwise (to the west) of the existing startpoint and move it to your northeasternmost point where you want to turnaround. I think it has a bug that won’t allow you to grab the existing start point because of the icon… Then setup all your point on the clockwise side of the start point and then start creating points on the counter-clockwise side. You will see you start point start to move to those points back to the west. Message me if you would like to do a quick GotoMeeting.

I think I got it now… but still, it’s a weird app. Setting the number of paths on each side to 2 or 4 doesn’t do anything. Also, it would be nice to be able to set the start point, e.g. in the middle of your path (for VLOS purposes). Now it’s automatically put on one end of the trajectory. Of course you can select the starting waypoint, but then it won’t fly all the points before that. In any case: thanks for your help!

My point exactly! Hear hear :wink:

We’ve been working on it for several months and it has gotten better, but it’s not a hot issue.

Well now it’s gone altogether… they changed the name and you have to have a business plan in order to use it. Crap.