Issues with Latest Drone Deploy APP and Matrice 300

I have very rarely had any issues with DD until the most recent couple of updates. My missions are almost unflyable now with my M300. I am constantly getting errors and bugs. I can only get it to work if i restart everything from scratch. Usually it works fine on the first battery but after a battery swap all goes downhill

  1. Error - Invalid plan - Mission exceeds maximum set in DJI Go
  2. My distance to home shows an astronomic number
  3. DD will just randomly crash and exit
  4. Error - Failed to load flight plan
  5. When launching after first battery swap, old flight plan shows up until airborne, then new map updates.
  6. When creating new project, does not zoom to current location.
  7. Frequently fails to launch after battery swamp, i hit the green button, nothing happens for 30-60 seconds and then it gives up and the launch button turns green again.

Like i said, ive been using DD with multiple drones for a decade now, but this most recent update has given me an endless list of issues. Is my IPAD too old?

I’m sure some professional dedicated team could help you. Ask Rocketech, for example. They’ve got nice reviews online.