iPad mini 6

Hi everyone. I am about to buy a new iPad. Does anyone know if the iPad mini 6 work with dronedeploy. If not what iPad would you recommend.

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It should but I would definitely do a short test flight with the different modes to be safe. We have no issues with a Mini 5 on the latest iOS so I would think the new one’s hardware should perform a little better. I didn’t know it was that big of a jump…

Started with an iPad 5, was clumsy, too big. Switched to iPad Mini 5, much better fit on the Phantom 4 Pro V2 controller. Only problem has been overheating on hot days flying stand counts. Added a hood which helped, but two rubber bands on the mount, to give an air space for cooling, seem to have fixed that.

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It gets hot in Texas too. Check out the XNaut cooling case.

I use the iPad Mini 5 and still have the iPad Mini 4 as a backup. I have two of the Xnaut cooling cases which work well into the low 90’s - if you keep the iPad out of the direct sunlight.

I am very interested to see the iPad 6, but waiting to see what the Mavic Pro 3 brings to the table as a P4P replacement.

This new product looks like an interesting alternative to the Xnaut:

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We start to see issues on flights of two batteries or more at 85-90F but the XNaut with a hood do a great job. I was able to rig a power pack to the back instead of using their mount and it works great. Better than using the AA’s.