Dedicated Tablet for flights

I have been using an iPad mini 4 to run DD on a DJI Phantom 4 but like many others I am having issues with the connection on flights. My iPad has to be used for many other tasks and apps so I am thinking of upgrading to a dedicated device,. Is anyone using a dedicated tablet/device for running missions? If so what seems to be the best device paired with DD and DJI software?
I prefer to stay with something iOS based but am willing to try others if it works more consistently.

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The 6th and 7th gen iPads have been working great, but I too have experienced slight video lag. No freezing or crashing. The 7th gen is a 10.2in screen so it barely fits in the cradle, but it does. The Mini 5 should be along the same lines. The Mini is supposedly more powerful, but the full size costs less and gives you real estate. I don’t think I have seen any reports of the Mini 5 on here?

Just a thought, if you haven’t tried it. Force quit all open apps: double click the Home button (or swipe up and hold, for devices with Face Recog), then swipe each app up and off the screen. Next reboot the device. I have found that after using your device awhile and with lots of apps held in background, this can clear some connection problems.

Exactly. Referring back to the original thread I am almost positive that it is a memory constraint possibly in conjunction with the release of the new UI. I am going to dig a little deeper because they tell us that they can’t reproduce, but I wonder what all apps they have on their test environment. I run 3 to 4 at all times that are part of my mapping workflow. Like I said earlier it is not very bad on the 7th gen, but as was almost mentioned in the original thread users shouldn’t have to upgrade because of an app update. I agree with them that more than 2 generations back should not be expected to be supported, but we have also discussed having an old app version available for those that choose to use an older device and don’t care about new features or support. I can’t imagine this myself, but I am sure this is a group.

I replaced my iPad Mini 4 with the iPad Mini 5 last April, and it has been working great with DroneDeploy as well as DJI Go 4. Still have some issues when it gets over 90c here in the desert, but the Mini 4 became useless in the high 80s at the end.

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Wow, now that’s hot! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

F or C, it’s basically the same, isn’t it?

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Really? 90 degrees C is 194 degrees F.

I flew a mission today using DD. A pano mission and a photo reports mission. I could see the map on my iPad but it didn’t show the pics being taken. Also did a video mission and same, map but no actual video, just a black box! Is this what others have been experiencing?

What happens when you touch the PIP box to expand? I had an issue the other day that all I got was a map in a map and could never see the live feed and it would not expand. I shared this is the other thread about freezes and lag, but I think I accidentally deleted the videos from the links.

When I would try to expand the PIP it was just a black screen with the map minimized. I just did a couple more test flights. The first one with my iPad (that I’ve always used and never had problems with until now) and it was the same problem. I made sure wifi was off and nothing else was running. It flew the mission but the PIP was black so there was no way to verify in flight that it was doing what it was supposed to be doing.
On the second flight, I used my Android Phone (Samsung Galaxy Note9), and it worked fine. Just a tiny lag as it was taking a pic but that was it. PIP worked as it was supposed to as did everything else, at least on this test flight.