iPad Mini 6 & Drone Deploy

Hi there,

I recently bought an iPad mini 6 and I’d like to use it to fly my drone (DJI Phantom 4 Pro V2.0) with Drone Deploy. I realize that this iPad model is not (yet) supported/recommended by Drone Deploy. However, I’m curious for experiences of others that used this model. Did it work fine, or did you run into any issues?

I’m also curious what would be the kind of complications I could run into when flying the drone with Drone Deploy on this iPad.

Thanks in advance!


It should work fine but always test. Apple is consistent in the builds and the main thing is the iOS version. We are using Mini 5’s on DD v4.77.0 and iOS 15.1 which I believe are the current version. The prominent bug right now is some Mavic’s are having issues starting the mission but I have only seen one report of a Phantom. DD is knows about it some there will probably be a resolution in either this version or the next one.