Just bought a new Ipad mini 6 and apparently it’s not compatible with my Phantom 4 Advanced. I found an Ipad Air 4 and it’s compatible with the drone but drone deploy will not open. It says it’s compatible with DD in the app store but when I try to open it the screen turns blue for a second then automatically closes. I have been using an Ipad mini 4 but it has started giving problems and never really worked well to begin with. Does anyone know the best tablet, preferably apple, with the Phantom 4 Advanced and Drone Deploy?


What version of iOS is on each iPad. A Mini 6 should be fine but there may be a bug that needs to be reported to support. We have used Mini 5’s, 7th-9th gen iPads and a 2021 iPad Pro and they all work on a Phantom 4 Pro and all except for the Mini 5 works with an Air 2S. I haven’t tried to figure out the connectivity yet but it may be DJI Fly that’s getting us on the Mini 5.

@Forester1. Please reach out to, so the team can help troubleshoot your connectivity issue. You should be able to connect the Phantom 4 Advanced with your new Ipad mini. See more details: Supported Drones and Mobile Devices.

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