Device upgrade, please advise?

Hi all,
No doubt the question has been asked in the past however I was after advice running the latest versions of both iOS and the DD app from current users.
I am in the process of updating the iPad mini 4’s we use with Drone Deploy but have a few questions to ask:

  1. What device is everyone using successfully with the app? I am leaning towards either a iPad Mini 5 or iPad Air The mini 4’s definitely lack processing power with the latest DD software.

  2. Does the device require to be cellular or is a wifi model suitable? I also have an iPhone that I can tether to the device if required and often work offline as I operate in remote areas.

  3. Any other advice whilst upgrading would be appreciated.

Many thanks for your time.


Hi Jarrod! So many devices so little time right?! We run Mini 5’s and 7th and 8th 10.2’s.

This is all based on a P4 series RC. I don’t think you can go wrong with the Mini 5 if you prefer the smaller size. It was a long time and a big jump from the Mini 4 to the 5 and it became very obvious when the v4 DroneDeploy app came out.

The largest that will fit the P4 series remote is the 10.2 inch and it barely fits. I wouldn’t run anything older than a 7th Gen because this is when they stepped up to 3GB of RAM. The 8th Gen then bumped up to the A12 SoC.

The Air 3 and the Mini 5 have virtually the same guts, but unfortunately it and the Air 4 will not fit in the P4 series remotes without an aftermarket extension.

We have run cellular models and have not had a WiFi-only model since the release of DD v4. @JChandler has reported issues with WiFi, but we will need an update after the release of v4.31 for iOS.