Does over heat on an ipad pro cause wide spread issues?

I have had numerous issues recently with drone deploy. It will hover to about 6ft and just freeze completely on top of doing this it then swaps my controls and locks out any movement beyond vertical which it has magically moved to the right stick. i finally figured out a work around after it did this for like the 10th time of just manually taking back control with by switching to sports mode flying up a bit and resuming the mission but i am failing to see why it keeps doing this. my thought might be the heat it is 90-100f.

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Hi @Skyquilter - This may be due to the obstacle avoidance sensor if you are standing nearby to the drone during takeoff. Would recommend trying to step away from the drone if this happens again and see if that resolves the problem. Additionally feel free to email into for more assistance. Thanks

I’ve not had this exact issue, but my iPad overheating has caused different problems. It is kind of pathetic how easily iPads can overheat. I’ve had it overheat on 70F days.


Yeah that’s not good. Ours start overheating at about 85F but at your temp there is something wrong and I am almost sure the app was most of the cause. Our other pilot had the same thing happen on an 8th gen and there was absolutely no reason for it. Luckily though the app gave the option to continue the flight after he had cooled it down and restarted.

Just as I thought. 88F so far and had to break out the X-Naut but I don’t think this is related to any app overdrive as might be happening to others. This was with a Mini 5…

Had a lot of trouble with new iPad Mini 5 overheating in the hot Kansas fields, especially with stand counts. Called Apple who told me to always use the iPad indoors. Contacted Drone Deploy Support who advised using cooling fans. Standing out in fields where the Kansas winds are always blowing, I wondered why I should pay $200 for a breeze when they are free. Looked at the DJI controller and wondered if the mount pad was actually insulating instead of cooling. I added two rubber bands, one on top other on bottom, now air can circulate, have not had a problem since.