iPad Overheat

First iPad overheat of the “summer” in the middle of May. 94f in Austin Texas. Time to chill.


Loving the stickers, @MichaelL. :wink:


Happened again today after 10 minutes. Luckily the mission had just completed. Time to put my heatsink back on…

Has anyone come up with a solution for this? Understand it isn’t a DD problem but using my iPhone XS this morning, the display dimmed on me due to overheating stage 1. Brightness at max and the Auto Brightness control (in Accessibility/Display text & size) set to off. iPhone is in a case.

When the display dims and you are wearing sunglasses you might as well be looking at a black screen.

Too Michael’s suggestion and put it on the air conditioning vent between flights. That helped. But this mornings flights were short and the dim happened right after the first flight. DD is pulling a lot of horsepower from these devices and they heat up quickly.

Thinking of inventing a chill pack case. :slight_smile:

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We got into a side-effect of the devices getting too hot and a solution for iPads further down. I don’t know about an iPhone, but I bet there is either one already or an easy way to fashion something similar with a small computer or power supply fan.

A few days ago, when I surf the Internet and find an article about dealing with overheating iOS devices. You could check out this article to get some solutions, thus resolving your problem.

It is an interesting article and probably useful to people who have not experienced actually taking care of a device and just expected to run perfectly all the time period I would never install an app that manipulates the configuration of the os. That’s asking for trouble and can actually void your warranty. It’s funny how number six suggests keeping your device out of warm environments, lol. Not an option which is why we found better solutions