New Flight UI Black Screen

Just putting this out there to confirm and see if anyone else has experienced it.

Flying yesterday and one out of 3 flights had a video lag/blackout. I’m not attributing this to a version of DD because I am thinking it was because the iPad got hot and possibly it dialed down the performance. The drone was straight overhead about 200ft AGL and at the end of the flight. It was 95F yesterday and that is the point where I really have to pay attention in expecting an iPad thermal shutdown. I have a hood on it, but am now probably going to look at putting together a small fan attachment. Also, as it gets warmer I have to watch out for drone overheating. This is a screenshot, but the blackness would increase/decrease in size and move up and down on the screen as if it was trying to render. Again pointing towards performance.

Mine just keeps crashing out of the mission and acting like it’s a manual flight. Have not seen this though.


That’s the same issue I get when my iPad starts to overheat. It starts shutting down resources. That being said we haven’t seen anything close to those temperatures in quite some time. I have looked at a couple of the aftermarket cooling setups to combat this but haven’t had the need yet to pull that trigger on getting something. Hope that’s all your issue is. Happy flying.


Would you happen to have any resources you have already come across? I am sure a streak of 100F+ days are going to hit us before we know it.

Being almost certain that it does have at least something to do with the temperature and iPad reaction I think it does point out how much more resource intensive the new UI is. That’s really the only reason I mentioned it outside of the chance that anyone has experienced it outside of extreme temperatures.

Oh, and this is one of the more interesting cooling solutions I have found. I haven’t ordered it yet, but if I don’t find something better soon I will. Just trying to think of how I could mount this to the back as well…

Hanging Neck Fan

Here is the one that I was looking at, seems a bit pricey but if it keeps you flying in hot weather then it will make up for its cost over time.

Hope this helps.


I did see that one. My only reservation is how do I mount it to the RC? Maybe some extensions…

Here’s a similar one for the Mini.

I know it’s Ali, but they have some pretty unique stuff sometimes.

For now I think I am just going to try to make my own with one of the micro computer fans and a small power brick.

“X-Naut mounts directly onto your iPad quickly and securely by using a spring loaded latching system fitted perfectly for compatible iPad models. X-Naut will then mount through its custom made, powder coated metal bracket that fits snuggly into the standard mobile device/tablet holder for later DJI Phantom, Inspire and Matrice Remote Controllers."

From their description. I thought I had seen some shots of one mounted but I can’t find them now.

From the link you posted click “Shop” then “Pilot Series” there are pictures of the whole setup on a DJI RC.

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Excellent find. I am ordering one now.

The x-Naut has worked wonders for me with my iPad on hot days.


Mine is on the way! Luckily I’ve got early morning availabilities to get through what I need to for now.

Sounds a little funny, but I actually saw a guy out flying in the park one day, and he was using a reusable Gel ice pack with velcro to attach to his iPad and keep it cool! He said he never had a problem with it overheating again after that.

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Makes sense for limited runs, but I would be worried about the cooling being too localized and intense possibly causing condensation. Air dissipation seems the safest especially when you are running for an hour. I have kept a temp gun with me and the last time it shut down the center of the case on the rear was 128F and the internal temp (chip temp) was probably higher than that. Hopefully my case will be here this week and I won’t have to worry about it any more, but I keep the temp gun handy and have to make a decision on the flight once it hits about 110F.

I just found this link! Looks like it works great!

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The X-Naut came in, but they forgot the tablet bracket so I improvised for now. Just zip-tied an 8000mah power pack through the holes that were there. It fits great in the Phantom cradle and I can still use my existing shade. I bought their visor, but it’s not near enough coverage. A small piece of velcro at the top to stabilize the power pack and now I don’t have to worry about 1990’s AA’s… It actually works very well and I will probably mount it similarly if possible on the bracket.

I can see it now. You turning up on site in the morning.

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I spoke with X-Naut and they are about 2 weeks out on getting the DJI drone brackets back in stock. The mounting holes on the back are set up to work with the RAM mounts. I am debating if modifying one of those with the adjustable ball would be better long term than the mount they have. I like the idea of the external battery power pack, I have read reviews where it said the connection to the cooling unit was very finicky when using external power. I’m waiting on approval to get my unit ordered, flying morning missions in the mean time.


They told me the same thing. I’ve got about 10 flights on my setup and it’s working great. Haven’t had any issues with USB power on a 1 amp power pack.

Thanks good to know. I’ve got a few of those floating around that I can use as well. Now to just get the go ahead to buy the cooler and all will be good.


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