iOS version 1.5.1 Released in App Store


  • We’ve added a smart exposure adjustment which should give you good shutter speed and ISO settings for your flights automatically.
  • We now force the camera to start if we see new images are not being generated.
  • Fixed the initial onboarding screen layout for users on iOS 8.
  • X5 planning overlap issues resolved. We now set white balance
  • when we are in the air instead of the ground. Updated messaging at end of flight.
  • Added splash screen during app loading
  • Fix battery percent remaining indicator

You guys have been super helpful with feedback during our launch. Thanks again!


Too bad I still can’t load waypoints and start a mission on IOS with a matrice 100. It just says error 225.

DJI has told us the Matrice 100 requires a firmware update they plan to have out in a few weeks.

It now works with drone deploy using the latest update. When will the new interface be released and are metric units coming?

I don’t see the new firmware on the DJI site yet. You’re saying the new firmware for matrice 100 works for you?you can change between metric and imperial units on You can do it on the mobile app in the near future.